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Begonia Bossa Nova F1 Red

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    • These versatile plants are great in hanging baskets & flower beds & borders.
    • A delicate blossom, separated by large arrow-shaped leaves in a pleasant dark green hue.
    • Tolerant to heat and drought, making it ideal for summer displays and drier gardens.
    • Blooms all summer long
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Ampel begonias, which is very popular. Differs in unpretentiousness and long flowering. The height of the plant is up to 40 cm. The stems come beautifully with a tiered cascade, on which there are a lot of nice, bright flowers, bell-shaped.

Brilliant blooms cover the plant from late spring until frost, and the well-branched plants look amazing in a large container or hanging basket, alone or as part of a combo. Height and spread: 45cm (18").



Begonia seeds are sown in boxes superficially, without falling, from January to March. Prefers light and fertile soils. Cover with film or glass, and put in a well-lit place for germination. Moisturize periodically. The first stairs from appear in 10-14 days. The pick is carried out in the phase of 2-3 true leaflets. After 1.5 - 2 months transplanted to a permanent place.

Begonia plugs can be planted straight into flower pouches but are best potted on first and grown on in bright, frost-free conditions if they are to be displayed in baskets, window boxes, pots and beds. Begonia plants can be transplanted into their final containers once they have increased in size. When all risk of frost has passed, acclimatise begonia plants to outdoor conditions over a period of 7 to 10 days, before placing them in their final positions. Choose a sunny or semi shaded position that is protected from strong winds.



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  • Size of the flower

    5 - 10 см
  • Height

    30 - 40 см
  • Flowering period

    July, August, September, October
  • Place of cultivation

    Ideal for patio pots and containers, hanging baskets.
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