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Chrysanthemum Anastasia Dark Green

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    • A very spectacular chrysanthemum by itself and in combination with other colors
    • The aroma is fresh, with a slight grassy tinge.
    • It belongs to the group of one-headed large-flowered chrysanthemums
    • The diameter of the flower is 10-12 cm., The outside resembles a spider.
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Anastasia Dark Green Chrysanthemum belongs to the group of single-headed large-flowered chrysanthemums. The stem is powerful, reaching 80 cm in height. The leaves are thick, rich in green. Large, light green, terry flowers appear in late September, and bloom in warm climates can last all autumn. In diameter of a flower of 10-12 cm., Outwardly resembles a spider. In the cut resistance is high, up to 20 days. The aroma is fresh, with a slight grassy tinge.

Large-flowered chrysanthemum - the plant is hardy enough, it is cold-resistant, but very demanding of light. Growing in warmer climates or in sheltered soil can significantly extend the flowering period. Often, middle and late flowering chrysanthemums are grown in greenhouses.

Caring for a chrysanthemum is easy enough. It needs abundant irrigation before flowering, regular loosening of the soil in the first month. Further loosening is stopped so as not to damage the young shoots. Some tall varieties require additional support in the form of wooden or metal pegs. Chrysanthemums are very valuable in mulching, which helps them to protect themselves against fungal diseases. Pine needles, which also inhibit weed growth, are best suited for these purposes. At the beginning of the season, the plants are sprayed with drugs for fungal diseases. In addition to fungi for garden chrysanthemums are dangerous snails and snails that eat leaves, as well as round worms that affect the roots of plants.

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  • Size of the flower

    10 - 15 см
  • Height

    60 - 70 см
  • Flowering period

    September, October
  • Place of cultivation

    Large-flowered chrysanthemums are often cut.
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