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Chrysanthemum Branbeach Lilac

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    • Chrysanthemum Branbeach Lilac - a bright representative of the species, could turn into a blooming garden oasis.
    • Branbeach Lilac makes a special impression thanks to its delicate and unusual lilac shade.
    • It looks gentle and aristocratic.
    • The bush is compact, spherical, medium-sized, closer to undersized
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Chrysanthemum multiflorum Branbeach Lilac. Height: 40-50cm. Flowering start: mid-August (week - 34). Flowers of chrysanthemum spherical Branbeach varieties terry, diameter 4,5 cm. The distance between the bushes when planting - 0.5 meters, diameter - about 40 cm.

The spherical chrysanthemums of the multiflora series are fabulously beautiful. They have an ideal ball shape, completely covered with flowers, under which it is difficult to see the leaves. Depending on the variety, flowering of chrysanthemums begins in late August - early September. Bushes do not require pruning and shaping - the spherical shape is formed "by itself", this is a genetic property of the plant.

Multiflora chrysanthemum can be grown in the garden, on the balcony or even in the room like flowerpots. Everywhere they will become an ornament and will attract admiring glances.

In the garden for the chrysanthemum of multiflora, they choose a sunny place with permeable, loose soil. The sooner the seedlings are planted, the larger the bushes will be in diameter and the more abundant they will bloom. The optimal landing dates for the middle lane are the beginning of May. In the case of May frost, chrysanthemums can be covered with agrofibre. Special fertilizers for chrysanthemums are added to the planting holes. Feeding is carried out during the budding period, choosing phosphorus-potassium fertilizers for this. Watering spherical chrysanthemums depends on the weather. In a dry summer, they need to be watered abundantly, and in rainy weather, watering is absolutely not needed.

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    < 5 см
  • Height

    40 - 50 см
  • Flowering period

    August, September, October
  • Place of cultivation

    Ideal for gardens, balconies or even in rooms like flowerpots.
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